Swiped 3.0

Oh my God, I said “Hello”.
Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh no.

Why did I do this? Suddenly brave?
Don’t turn back now. Please let him wave.

The Swiped journey:
Swiped 2.0

Swiped 2.0

I am staring at his profile, as if that will make him type
I am obviously obsessed, but then why did he swipe?

This definitely isn’t healthy, to stare, longingly
But maybe if I stare longer, he’ll start writing to me


App re-installed, there he is again
He’s “swiped right” on me repeatedly. We always match. But then…

The app is telling us to talk yet he never says, “Hello”
I’ve longed for him for years, he’ll probably never know


I created Wispiful assuming each wisp would be positive and bright
I see now though, the last few posts, have been anything but light

These wisps I’ve written, bleak and doubtful, ’tis clear, have been all-consuming
Maybe now, their release from my mind, will allow a brighter… everything


Flaunted posts of travels and life experiences praised
Their unlocked level of freedom is not how I was raised

Fortune only favours those who can afford
We know, not all hands are dealt equal, mine are set here, behind a keyboard


At the mosque today for Ashura, ’tis the first time I shed a tear
I, of course, am always sad, but there tends to be a fear

A fear of being judged, embarrassed about my sorrow
But today I shed a tear, because what I fear more, is tomorrow